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Wedding photographer - Things you need to know!

Updated: Mar 19, 2018

Considering Wedding Photography as a career option, do your level of research on what to expect and what not to expect. Wedding photography is not only a rightly considered the path to make money with Camera but also brings the respect and glamour along. Sounds good, but the wedding photography is also considered the most common cause of Photographer’s anxiety. Let’s see why?


1. The INCOME – Wedding photography can be quite expensive, the depending on the location and experience. Even a novice photographer can take 40-50k for a simple wedding shoot. Depending on your gadgets and pitch you can make up to a lac or more.

2. There’s a wedding season every year – Yes, we do have wedding season in India and people are getting married every year (usually once a lifetime).. so you will always have some clients for the wedding shoot, no matter which part of the country you are in!

3. Luxuries – Weddings have become a class symbol, these days.. most of the wedding are done with all the pomp and show, have all the comforts at the venue, and you as a photographer get to enjoy it all – not as comfortable as a guest though but still a delightful site.

4. Self-Satifaction – A photographer plays a very important role at a wedding, he is not only clicking picture but capturing those beautiful and precious memories that the bride and groom will cherish for their lives.


1. Only one chance – Wedding is once a lifetime event (mostly). If you miss a click, there’s no second take, you will ruin their memories and your own reputation. Hence, unless you are “as comfortable with your camera as an shoe”,, don’t take chance with Wedding Photography.

2. Stressful – you have to have an incredible stamina and abillity to take pressure… Be ready to hear the Yelling – am sure not from the bride & Groom – but from a relative or guests. Having said that, I would like to acknowledge that not all the weddings are chaotic but they are not rare as well.

Competition – One of the biggest advantage of photography, that is Big Paychecks, becomes the reason for the biggest challenge, i.e. Competition. Most of the photographers are considering Wedding photography to earn big money. So, it becomes your responsibility to prove to the client as to why should they hire you over a photographer who is charging much less. Nevertheless, it’s the profession for other photographers as well and its your responsibility to create a space for yourself with your creativity.

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