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Summer's knocks

Updated: Mar 19, 2018

Blue jeans and white shirt is a classy combination running since ages, and still not outdated...

You can further enhance the look with some costume jewellery and sneakers for a comfortable look… This combination works perfect on a Friday, in the office where most offices allow casual wear.

If you are lucky enough to somewhere, where you can go in semi-formal attire even on a weekday, then don’t think twice before trying this combination !

If you love Jackets / layering, Just like me, then go ahead and try waist coat or shrugs this summer.

And yes, I never go out without my watch or an accessory on my hand, and today its the watch from “Michael Kors” in rose gold, again classy, isn’t it?

Jeans - GAP

Shirt - Fab India

Shrug - Fab India

Danglers - Dastakar, Nature Bazaar

Watch - Michael Kors

White Sneakers - Ajio

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