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Review – Skoda Maintenance Service


Undoubtedly, Skoda has earned a name for High- maintenance cards and I was also a believer in the same as I have faced the similar issues earlier where I had paid about 17000/- for the normal car service of my Skoda, Fabia.

To cut it short I went to Skoda, Service Center, in Gurgaon – Jai Auto Skoda, this weekend and I had plans to buy the required items and get it replaced from other Service Center. When I spoke to the Manager he was not ready to give me the required parts, however he assured me that the things have changed now and you will be allowed to see what the service engineers are doing and what parts needs replacement and how much will it cost, I will be asked before replacing anything.

I had done my share of research and shown him the list of things required and charges should not be more than 7000/- (Seven Thousand) as opposed to what I paid for my last service. To my amazement, the Manager convinced me that the bill will not exceed what is shown on the Skoda website.

To sum it all, I could stay with the vehicle (didn’t have to wait, since I was the first customer), I was informed the condition of my Car (which is excellent, by God’s grace) and the bill also did not exceed, in fact I paid 300 less, which is 6700/- for complete service at Skoda Service center and up to my satisfaction.

Hope this helps, many aspiring Skoda customers who dread the Maintenance charges for this Super vehicle !!!

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