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Opportunities & Challenges of Photography as a CAREER!!!

Updated: Mar 19, 2018

Today I want to talk about the highlights & challenges of being a photographer. It’s great to do any art form, as a hobby it can give you creative satisfaction, but what happens when you make this hobby of yours to your full - time Career, we’ll discuss!! More or less, these challenges are going to be same for any kind of entrepreneur, be it Photographer, Musician, Dancer, Singer etc.

Here I am going to list down the top 5 Pros and Cons of being a photographer

I want to start with the highlights as I don’t want to de-moralize you in the beginning itself

1. Flexibility – This goes without saying, you have all the freedom and flexibility as a Photographer. No one is there to tell you what to do, how to do it or how much work you should do today. You can choose the amount of work, the time and everything, but be wise as this is the source of your living now.

2. Self- Esteem – You really good to know that something that you are doing is making a direct impact on people’s life. Whether you are shooting somebody’s wedding, or Birth or Portfolio for someone that can land him/her a Project. It feels great !

3. Everyday is a new day – The best thing about being a photographer is like every day is a new day, new challenge, new opportunities and that can give you a Kick (if you are someone who looks out for newness in work).

4. Feeling of Joy – As they say there’s nothing more joyful than turning your passion into profession. You are doing something that is close to your heart, something that you love doing. This is so wonderful, even if there’s any hardship that comes along.

5. Creativity – We humans are creative beings, creativity is something that gives us pleasure. And being able to do something creative is incredibly fulfilling, it gives us joy. Photography gives you immense scope to hone and experiment your creative skills.

Now, let’s talk about challenges of being a photographer, this one is definitely, not to discourage you but to help you measure the risks involved –

1. Financial insecurity – I am sure we all can very well appreciate that when we are in full time jobs, we know the kind of money that’s going to come every month, however, when you are a Photographer or any other hobby professional you never know how much will you be able to earn every month. There are times when you are too busy with a lot of projects and then there are time when there’s hardly any work. So, if you have some financial obligations, I would suggest you create a backup plan before getting into photography as a full - time profession.

2. Creativity Block – Not only Photography, this can happen in any profession related to creativity, you can come to a point where you say, I am running out of ideas, I don’t know how to go about it. And, this is frustrating and even more frustrating when you know that you must do this to earn your living, or your career or the reputation.

3. Difficult condition – People might think jobs like these are quite glamorous and creative, you are having great time with people and enjoying your life, however, this may not be the reality all the time. I am sure, if you ask a photographer who is in this field since long, would be able to tell you that the conditions are not always nice, the weather can be extreme, it can be rainy, it can be muddy or places where it’s really difficult to survive but you still have to work and give your best while taking care of yourself and the instruments you are taking along.

4. Isolation – When you work as a full - time photographer and you can’t afford to pay for a team, you might find yourself working all alone, there’s no one to talk to, no office space, literally no one around. And even more of this sense of isolation if you are a landscape photographer. So be ready to deal with this if you are planning to start photography as a full - time career.

5. Peon to PM – When you for or with an organization you have a team of professional, doing things for you but when you venture on your own photography business, you will suddenly notice that you are all by yourself. You’ll have to fix the lighting, arrange the props, manage the camera/tripod etc. etc., at least in the beginning unless you can afford to pay for an assistant. Only you are responsible for the outcome, and this can be quite a pressure.

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