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How to shop clothes when you are on a Budget…

Shopping clothes can easily bust your budget!! Over the years I’ve adopted for money saving strategies that I’ll be sharing with you –

1. Shop at a Low-end store

2. Invest in good clothing item - If you ask me to select between a 1000 Rs. shirt that will be falling apart afterwards or a 5000 Rs shirt that will still look good after 50 washes, I will go for the 5000/- Rs. shirt.

3. Take good care of the clothing you own

4. Reverse shopping – shop for the opposite seasons

5. Make the best use of Sales – having said that, don’t overuse (if I may use the term) the sales. Decide on the number of items for each category of clothing and then stick to it. Add a new item only when one needs replacement.

6. Buy what fits you today, not what you want to fit in tomorrow – I want to say is that buy for your current size and not something that for your future goal size.

7. Hand-me-down for Kids – Kids grow pretty fast, so if you do own a good quality of clothing item, don’t ever hesitate to hand it down to someone who can use it. However, the rule is that the item is still in good condition.

I’ve tried adding a few items to ease your shopping hassles-

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